Our Starshine Gatherings are designed to help you meet other Earth-loving people to discuss and learn about Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism, Heathenism, Cross-Cultural or Neolithic Shamanism, Healing, Divination, Metaphysics, Astrology, Reiki & other Magickal practices. We accept and encourage practitioners from all Traditions

During our Quarterly Gatherings, we’ll explore the use of our paths for Magick, Healing, Meditation, Art, Music & Sacred Dance. Both personally and on a global level. Our Gatherings are an opportunity to share our Wisdom together in Spirit with the aide of

  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Study Groups
  • Prayer Circle
  • Divination
  • Sharing
  • Music Performance
  • Sacred & Ecstatic Dance
  • Vendors

We started this group so that we can teach and connect with others who are interested in many “Non Traditional or Pagan” belief systems and to explore all of it’s facets particularly from a cross-cultural perspective. Studying & using methods of healing and knowledge that originate from Indigenous societies which works closely with the Earth and Spirits who work closely with the practitioner to help his/her community and the Earth. We also explore healing and metaphysics, including consciousness, quantum physics, topics such as fate vs destiny, divination, the use of nature’s gifts like herbs, essential oils and crystals for healing purposes. Whether you are new to Paganism or interested in deepening your practice, you’ll find many folks here to support your journey.

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