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Starshine Gatherings

With the current situation occurring all around us we of Starshine Gathering hold you all close to our hearts, we wish to express love and light to everyone.  We encourage you to care for yourselves and watch over neighbors and families.

We are offering on our Facebook page a way to stay in touch with your Vendors and Readers, reach out to them if you find the need.

At this time we are waiting to announce our next event dates, please check in and watch for confirmation of the actual dates for the next Starshine Gathering......

Sheilia's Healing Garden 

ColorStreet Nails

Luna Rana Farms

Wise Witch Apothecary

Chakra Coaches

Allviran, art by Megan Earls

Griffin Harbor Healing Arts

NeverEnding Tea Bucket

Heartsong Healing Art.

Skulls and Dark Art by Ann Koi

Tart with a Cart

Pourbaby by Christine Oshia

Jewelry by Rosemarie

Blown Glass Treasures by Justin Stillwell

Natural Oddities by Coyote Teethe

Zen by Fire

Creative Ginger

Sofia's Sweets by Stefanie Garity.

Cyndi Shattler, Hands on Healing

Marcie Griffin, Griffin Harbor Healing Arts

Rebecca Teeter, Energy Healer

Healing Hands by Rosemarie Glasier

Tarot by Nicole Lynch

Readings by Sarah Heartsong