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We would like to Thank a few people that have helped make the event available to all of you;

All of our vendors, speakers, teachers, readers, volunteers and each of you our guests....

Special recognition to; 

Shoppes @Riverside Mall,  Erin Jeffreys, Manager 360 637-9628

Hosstyle Ink, Andrew Owner 360 612-3253


Kandle and Kauldrin, Kimi Dana, Owner 360 637-8335

Columbia Wellness, 24 Hour Crisis Response 360 532-4357

Volunteer Beth K, Monetary Donation, enabling us to obtain our 501c(3) status.


North Pacific Utopian Wares, volunteer hours and web support  

All that Glitters, Raffle Donation

Opal Art Glass, Raffle Donation

Mt. Olympus Brewing, flyer display

Steam Donkey Brewing, flyer display

Tinderbox Coffee, flyer display

Erica Corbin, Author and Singer, Honored Guest

Rick Moyer, Moyer Muli-Media, Honored Guest

Revival of Grays Harbor, Non-profit,  Phillip Calloway, 360 590-7445