We would like to Thank our gracious Vendors and Volunteers who donated to the May online Auction;


Creative Ginger, Bee Wraps

The Blue Butterfly-

Altar Cloth

Leather Journal


Griffin Healing Harbor-

Wild Infusion, Turmeric & Ginger Oxymel

Oddities by Coyote Teethe-

Hand Crocheted Witches Hat


Author Kitty Mady , The Best of Me

Artist Emily Dixon-

Three original paintings; 

Chakra Moon,

Hocus Pocus,


Luna Rana Farms, Moon Box

Gypsy Dragonfly, Triple Goddess Floral Wreath 

Opal Glass, Blown Glass Ball

Sheilia's Healing Garden, Fairy Door

Wise Witch Apothecary-

Soapstone Triquetra

Molly O'Dowd, Moon & Star Broach

Jo Wilde, Tarot Deck

Anita Oyler,-

Hand made Jewelry, Wolf Treasure box

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