Our Projects and Community

These are some of the community out reach projects that we are directly connected with and fully support....

Project 1. Domestic Violence of Grays Harbor
May 26th, 2020 Non-Profit paid $250.00, thanks to our bidders..
This center is free and open to any victim of domestic violence regardless of race, gender, or income.  You may call 360 538-0733 24/7 to request assistance, or find them on Facebook @ Domestic Violence of Grays Harbor

Project 2. Revival of Grays Harbor Laundry fund with Valley Cleaners

May 26th 2020,  Non-Profit paid $250.00, because of our online bidders.. Thank you

Please contact Dawn Huntsman via cell at 360 500-3802, if you need help with laundry.  Account is for Low/Non income families needing assistance during these trying times.

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