• Anita Oyler, President

Next event July 21st, 2019

Your committee recently spent the weekend meeting and greeting many new folks at More Gore at the Shore, in Ocean Shores Washington. We would like to give a big Thank You to our Hostess at this Event and encourage you all to attend their future events, you may find and follow them on facebook @ Urban Unglued Dark Markets.

We met many wonderful new vendors, that we are pleased to have joining us at our future events, like; Frozen Critters, Ginger Surprises, Emily’s Designs, Eli Wolff, Brigid’s Whispers, Kittie’s Trinkets and Treasures, Diane Beck’s Creations, West Coast Wiccans, Celtic Heart Readings, EggCentric Dolls, Angel Delisi Art, The Salty Wench, Tanstaafl Press, Full Moon Rising Body Care….


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